Italian Court Accepts U.S. Lesbian Couple’s Adoption

A lesbian couple’s U.S. adoption has been recognized in Italy after being rejected by the Bologna City Council and Italy’s Interior Ministry.

The couple have two children that were conceived through artificial insemination, and are each the biological parent of one and the adoptive parent of the other. The adoption was legalized in Oregon during 2004, but they ran into problems transferring the status when they moved to Italy, where it was rejected due to Italian law not recognizing stepchild adoption by same-sex couples.  

The case opened in 2014, and the Cirinnà bill passed in 2016, which gave same-sex partners similar rights to traditionally married couples, but didn’t allow adoption. It was only in 2017 that same-sex couples were able to legally adopt non-biological children. 

Claudio Pezzi, the couple’s lawyer, said the ruling represented “another important step in the struggle to affirm the rights of minors and homosexual couples in our country, reaffirming, among other things, the important principle of opening up our system to an international dimension.”

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