Hired Gun Opened Fire at Gay Youth Center After Target Was Missing, Israeli Police Say

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Israeli police have arrested four suspects in connection with the 2009 shooting of a Tel Aviv LGBT youth center that left two dead and dozens wounded.

The four suspects, three with criminal pasts and one a known gay activist, appeared before a Tel Aviv court on June 6, Hareetz reports.

Police believe the shooter was a hitman looking to kill the LGBT activist who is now being charged with obstruction of the investigation because he allegedly knew the motive for the murders and did not share this information with police.

During the incident four years ago, Liz Trubeshi, 16, and youth counselor Nir Katz, 27, were killed when a man opened fire inside the center; at least a dozen others were injured. The shooter and his two accomplices are believed to be “soldiers” in a large Israeli crime organization. When the activist wasn’t found on the premises, the shooter opened fired against those present allegedly as a form of vendetta.

The investigation is still ongoing. Sergio N. Candido

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