Gay Teacher Sues School That Fired Him in China 

A gay kindergarten teacher in China was fired after making a social media post about an LGBT pride event he attended, but he isn’t going down without a lawsuit.

The anonymous man said the school principal told him that parents may not like their children being taught by a gay man, which made him feel “grave apprehension” for the way Chinese youth are being raised against the LGBT community. He was fired without receiving pay for his 10 percent stake in the school, and is suing to be reimbursed and rehired, he told Reuters.

His lawyer, Tang Xiangqian, said this case is the first of its kind in China.

“The main reason we filed this case is not just as a labor dispute but to make the gay community more visible to a wider group of people. To let more people realize that they can easily be victims of discrimination," he said. 

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