Ex-Neo-Nazi Comes Out as Gay and Jewish, Quits Movement

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Photo: YouTube / Channel 4 News

A prominent white supremacist and neo-Nazi activist is leaving the fascist National Front and coming out as gay.

Kevin Wilshaw revealed throughout his forty years of hate he has been secretly gay and Jewish in an interview with Channel 4 News in the UK.

The very public and visible campaigner for the British National Party cited homophobia in the workplace as his impetus for breaking ties with the Aryan fellowship. He said he was shaken up when his friends began to make fun of him on suspicions that he might be gay or Jewish or perhaps both.

“On one or two occasions in the recent past I’ve actually been the recipient of the very hatred of the people I want to belong to," he said of how unhappy the negative attention made him feel.
Despite hate targeted towards minorities, Wilshaw only began to question his values when the violence hit close to home.

“I saw people being abused, shouted at, spat at in the street, but it's not until it's directed at you that you suddenly realize that what you're doing is wrong," he said.

Despite having been arrested in March for racially-motivated offenses online, Wilshaw described feeling distress over witnessing “incidents where people were singled out because they were black by a group of people,” and claimed that “it turned my stomach.”

The man who once wrote on his application forms for the National Front that he despised Jews acknowledged the falsity of the rapport he'd developed over the years with his anti-Semitic colleagues, that "their whole acceptance of me was false."

“The strange thing about it is you had [an anti-gay] platform, but you have other members leading National Front who are overtly gay. And nobody could see the contradiction of it that you have an overtly gay person leading a homophobic organization, makes no sense.”

These days, Wilshaw has renounced affiliations with the National Front and retired white supremacy as a lifestyle altogether; and he has resolved to funnel his passions toward ending homophobia.

"I want to do damage to the people propagating this sort of propaganda," he said, proposing a final solution. "I want to hurt them.”


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