Denmark to Allow Gay Men to Donate Blood Next Year

Denmark is taking a step in the right direction by allowing gay men to donate their blood to help others in need.

Previously, gay men were prohibited from donating due to fears of the HIV virus spreading — but now the country is aiming to “better embrace gender equality” by modernizing their blood donation system.

“The authority [patient safety] has found a model we feel is safe and we will therefore incorporate it into Denmark,” Danish health minister Ellen Trane Nørby told DR Nyheder. “All safety mechanisms in our blood donation system are built on trust and we have some very advanced tests that screen the blood.”

Just like the United States, Denmark does have a restriction — gay men won’t be able to donate blood if they’ve had sex with another man within a period of four months. After four months of abstinence, they are clear to donate.

Fortunately, the restriction has a beneficial condition: The period wait is voided if the man is in a monogamous relationship.

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