Church Tells Gay Men to Starve Themselves to Turn Straight

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The Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry in Liverpool, England, claims to offer a program designed to cure men and women of their homosexuality through fasting, the Liverpool Echo reports.

The three-day program includes one long continuous prayer session with no food throughout, and requires that one consume no water at all for at least 24 hours beforehand.

In search of details, one reporter for the Echo newspaper disguised himself as a sexually confused layperson and appeared at the church for a consultation with the church’s assistant pastor, Brother Michael. It was there that Brother Michael explained how being gay is “biologically wrong, and that by undergoing prayer therapy [his sexuality] could be corrected to allow him to marry and have children.”

Brother Michael also recommended that the journalist follow his conversion therapy with several weekly prayer sessions in order to further “humble his soul” and continue living as a true ascetic.

Lead Pastor Dr. Desmond Sanusi denied the claims, saying, “What [Brother Michael] discussed with you. It is out of my guidance. I am the pastor of this church. It is not a three-day fasting.” He added: “It’s been running for over 20 years and nobody has dropped dead.”

The Echo consulted Dr. Louise Theodosiou, a psychiatrist from the Royal College of Psychiatrists, for expert medical opinion. She explained the risks inherent with not consuming water for 24 hours. “You can imagine a person would be extremely thirsty after that length of time,” she said.


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