British Show Accused of Spreading Biphobia

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A television dating show in the United Kingdom is being accused of spreading ignorance on bisexuality.

First Dates had an Oct. 23 episode where a lesbian woman said bisexuality is just a temporary phase where people around her are “experimenting,” according to Gay Star News. The clip, which is no longer available on YouTube, angered some members of the bisexual community. 

“Bisexual people are always not quite gay enough for LGBTQ+ scenes, but obviously we’re not straight so we don’t fit into those communities either,” bisexual YouTuber NeonFiona said to Gay Star News. “People think it’s a phase, or we’ll go back to men eventually. It’s nonsense.”

The remarks are not the first time the show drew controversy during the month. On Oct. 2, a man said that he was “catfished by a tranny” during a previous date.

 “First Dates is renowned for its inclusivity, sincerity and honesty,” The show said in a statement. “The dates include real conversations from a broad range of social groups who reflect on their own experiences of dating.”


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