Bill to Ban Adoption by Gay Foreign Couples Moves Forward in Russia

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Russia’s lower house of parliament unanimously passed a bill banning gay foreign couples from adopting Russian children.

On June 18, legislators voted 443-0 to pass the bill, according to AFP. The bill will now go to the upper house and will then need to be signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Earlier this month the lower house, or Duma, voted to unanimously ban LGBT events or public discussion of LGBT issues that might be accessible to minors.

The European country started enforcing a ban on U.S. citizens from adoption Russian orphans on January 1.

The Gay Star News writes that the ban came as a result of the U.S. introducing visa and financial sanctions to Russia for its corruption and human rights violations.

Russian gay rights activist Nikolai Alekseev said that the ban will only harm the orphans.

“It will hardly have big consequences for foreign gays and lesbians but will harm Russian children who are kept in very miserable conditions,” he told GSN.

“It will be virtually impossible to define the sexual orientation of the prospective adoption parent, and it will only mean that the already very corrupted Russian adoption system will become even more corrupted, which is already very homophobic.”

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