Australia Passes Historic Protections Against LGBT Discrimination

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According to Gay Star News, The Sex Discrimination Amendment showed overwhelming support from the country’s parliament.

Once the bill becomes law, care providers who are owned by religious groups, for example, won’t be able to exclude people from aged care based on the sexual orientation or gender identity.

The legislation provides a milestone for the Australian intersex community as they are also included under its protections.

“We acknowledge with great thanks all of those who helped, particularly our LGBT allies, who went to the trouble of understanding and including intersex in their own efforts to bring about this historic legislative change,” said Gina Wilson, president of the group Organization Intersex International Australia.

“In acknowledging this, we note that intersex organizations were the only completely unfunded group who had to argue for our place in this law. Though this legislation is fundamental to intersex rights there still remains significant work to do for intersex activists. And we need funding and support to do this.”

Religious nonprofits are still mostly exempt from the law. Sergio N. Candido

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