Afghan Teen Applying for Asylum Denied for Not ‘Acting’ Gay

A gay teenager from Afghanistan applied for asylum in Austria after fearing persecution in his home country, but was turned away by a government official who doubted his sexuality.

The decision was made in a 100+ page document detailing the 18-year-old’s clothing, walk, and behavior as “proof” that he isn’t gay. 

“They reported that you frequently got into fights with roommates. You clearly have the potential to be aggressive, which would not be expected in a homosexual,” one section stated.

“You didn’t have friends … Don’t homosexuals tend to be rather sociable?” another argued. 

After Sebastian Kurtz won the Austrian elections in 2017, he banded with the far-right and anti-immigrant parties to form tough immigration laws. The European Court of Justice outlawed personality tests as proof of needing help in asylum applications, but many countries skirt around this ruling, according to the Washington Post.

“Austria’s populist government is spreading concerns that refugees might falsely claim to be LGBT in order to stay in Austria. But even if there are doubts over someone’s sexuality, I’d rather allow them to stay here than to risk their death by sending them back to Iran or elsewhere,” Marty Huber, who’s with the LGBT organization Queer Base that sided with the teen, said.

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