Taking Over ‘Site 92'

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Broward County Parks and Recreation officials have cleared the exotic vegetation on the 1.43 acre site known as “Site 92.”

Now, parks officials are trying to figure out how to clear the site, located on Wilton Drive across from Richardson Park, from the county’s inventory of green space.

“It’s a really small park for us. We don’t normally operate spaces that small,” said Dan West, Broward County's Parks and Recreation director.

West said he and his staff are working with Patrick Caan, Wilton Manors Leisure Services director, and his staff to get the Broward and Wilton Manors commissions to agree to have the city take over the park. “We’re kind of hoping we can work this out. Both commissions would need to agree that it’s closer to the city’s interest [for the city to own this park],” West said.

Caan has said city staff wants to obtain the park but does not yet know how exactly what kind of park it would be used for or how it would be developed. It’s currently open to the public.

Caan estimates that, if the city did take the land over, it would cost about $15,000 a year for general maintenance, such as emptying garbage cans and landscaping. If the city added amenities, that would increase the cost.

Although it’s currently open to the public, West said that one of the problems with the park now is access. “The problem right now is parking. [There’s nowhere for people who drive to park].”

But resident Stephen Newman said he hopes parking spaces aren’t added.

“I’d prefer that it be a passive park site. I think if they did a parking lot it would be cold and unfriendly and an ugly way to enter out city . . . I would also be against a dog park as that would alienate a lot of our residents such as myself,” wrote Newman in an email. He added that he’d like to see a garden-style park with benches and gazebos.

“After all, we are the Island City and there is no other park that I am aware of that exists on or near the Drive that would encourage residents to walk there and get to know neighbors while enjoying the lovely views of water at that location.”

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