Residential Rental Fee Goes Up, Alarm System Fee Goes Down

In a mix of local government action and state-mandated requirements, two city fees are changing: the residential rental fee has been increased from $20 to $50 and the permits for hardwired alarms have decreased from $55 to $40.

The fees were altered during the Oct. 27 commission meeting. The state legislature required the decrease in the alarm fees.

City staff estimate revenue from the fee will only be decreased by $100 a year.

“This is another example of state intrusion into local government. But it won’t involve an impact to income, so why not?” said Commissioner Tom Green.

The residential rental fee, increased because of the city commission, is a yearly fee charged to landlords for every tenant they have.

It’s estimated that the increase will raise about $55,000 a year.

City Manager Leigh Ann Henderson said the last time the fee was raised was 1995.

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