Replica of Wilton Manors Gateway Presented to City

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The Willingham Gateway Towers are long-gone. But reminders of their existence can still be found in photographs and a mosaic at Jaycee Park. And now, there’s a replica of the Towers on display at city hall.

The Wilton Manors Historical Society presented the restored replica to the city commission on Jan. 24. Benjamin Little, Historical Society secretary, said his organization was “pleased to present” the replica to the city. He also provided a brief history of the Towers.

The Towers were formerly located at Five Points. The larger one sat where Wells Fargo is now. The smaller was where the triangle-shaped open space is. The Limestone used to construct them came from the pit in Lazy Lake. At one point, the Towers were also an attraction for school field trips.

The large one was torn down in 1957 to make way for an A&W Root Beer stand. The smaller lasted until 1964 and was replaced with a gas station.

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