Parking Firm Contract Extended By Two Years

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Commissioners unanimously approved a two-year contract extension with Lanier Parking Solutions, the city’s parking firm. The contract was extended to March 31, 2019. Commissioners did not open the contract to bidding but will have to do so in 2019. The original contract was for five years and was extended by two years in 2015. This is the last contract extension they can approve. 

“Over the last 6-1/2 years of the agreement, Lanier has provided excellent services to the City.

Their local staff has shown expertise in daily management and enforcement, and especially with their ability to deal cordially but firmly with unhappy customers. Their staff's customer service skills have resulted in the settlement of the vast majority of parking customer concerns without having to escalate those concerns to the attention of city staff or to the city commission,” wrote Bob Mays, the city's finance director and parking contract administrator, in a report to the commission.

City staff also recommended an extension because of cost savings.

“The city reimburses Lanier for the actual costs of managing the parking program, and in addition pays them an incentive management fee of 3.30 percent on meter revenue and 4.95 percent on citation revenue. For FY16 the incentive management payment was $29,000 and the reimbursement payment was $304,799. The reimbursement payment for FY17 is expected to be lower [about $260,000] due to reduced costs for administrative personnel,” Mays wrote.

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