New Lesbian Bar to Open in Wilton Manors

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Since New Moon closed in March of 2014, it’s been three years since Wilton Manors has had a lesbian bar. Now, G Spot Bar will take up the mantle. Located on Wilton Drive in the former Sidelines, 2301 Wilton Drive, G Spot’s grand opening will be Friday, Feb. 3 from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m.

One of the owners, Lisette Gomez, was a regular at New Moon and is proud to be bringing back a bar dedicated to women meeting women. “The lesbians have been kind of displaced. New Moon was my regular Friday night spot for many years,” Gomez said. “Once Carol closed, there was nowhere else for us to go.”

Opening G Spot was a “no brainer,” she said.

“We’re pretty excited to get everyone in one location where they can always go to. But it took a little while to find the right location and the right partner as well.”

The announcement of the grand opening is already getting praise from women on the bar’s Facebook page.

“I'm glad that there will be somewhere again for women to go out and have a good time with all our ladies! WOO HOO!” wrote Danielle Colucci.

“The 954 Lesbians and Gals will be at your grand opening. We are pretty excited that we have this new location to meetup in Wilton Manors. Thank you. Bring on the fun---Let's party!” wrote Syl Davis.

Karyn Symone, a friend of Gomez, said she’s looking forward to the bar opening and having somewhere to go after softball games. “It’s been a little bit hard because there hasn’t been a place to call home. Not having that place, that unity, it’s been hard. New Moon was home. That was family. When that closed, that was like devastation.”

But while the bar is a dedicated space for women to meet women, Gomez said everyone is welcome. “We want to label ourselves as a bar for girls who like girls but there are a lot of gay boys who like to hang out with the lesbians. We’re not discriminatory. There will be Sunday football, drag king shows, as well as [a place for] our straight allies. We want it to be open to everybody.”

One of those straight allies is Gomez’s business partner and co-owner, Kat De La Torre.

De La Torre has a lot of previous experience working in bars, including places in South Beach, Boston and the Elbow Room and Chili Pepper in Fort Lauderdale.

“I’m very good friends with Lisette. She’s talked to me in the past [about opening a bar]. Recently, we started talking and the ideas started rolling. It’s a great opportunity. I think we can make a great spot for the girls and make everybody happy.”

Gomez and De La Torre also want to host Friday night dance parties, live music and other things that few or no other bars on Wilton Drive are doing. “We want to bring the singer-songwriter artist thing to Wilton Manors,” Gomez said.

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