It’s Official: Humpy’s Gone for Good

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Those hoping to get another cupcake or slice of pizza from Humpy’s Pizza should look elsewhere.

Dennis Godfrey, one of the owners of Humpy’s, confirmed to The Gazette that they have no plans on reopening. “The final word on that is that we are completely, permanently and irreversibly done!

Godfrey owned Humpy’s with Steve DeJong. The two closed their popular restaurant, which had been open since February of 2007, after Halloween of last year.

In a previous interview DeJong said the closure was because of a predatory Americans with Disabilities lawsuit designed to get money from Humpy’s over an ADA violation in the restaurant’s bathroom. “It’s really just a shakedown of small businesses and we’re being bullied. It’s just too much potentially for us to bare,” DeJong said. He said the lawsuit was dismissed, but only because he’s closing the business.

The other reason was due to a rent increase by their landlord.

DeJong said the proposed rent increase by the landlord made it “unmanageable and not feasible to stay in business. And they’re going to raise it every year for the next 10 years. They’re playing hardball. It just baffles me they’re not willing to negotiate. We have a third of the shopping center empty.”

In a previous interview, Jonathan Gaines, principal with Rivercrest Realty, which owns the Shoppes of Wilton Manors where Humpy’s was located, said he was disappointed he and Dejong couldn’t come to terms on the lease.

Since then, said Godfrey, “There’s been no attempt or outreach by the landlord to renegotiate the lease” and that he and DeJong have moved on.

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