Humans Of Wilton Manors (WM Gazette Edition) Week 10

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When did you get your 1st Tattoo?

(pictured from left to right)

"When I was 14 in 2002, I begged my mother to take me."

"When I was 19 in 1996, just 1 big one on my back."

"My 1st and only tattoo was at the age of 54 my partner of 25 years wouldn't allow me so I went and did it anyway."

"I started getting them in 2001 and now my whole body is covered in them."

"I like to sing! I am a Tenor and some of my biggest influences are Patti Labelle, Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston."

Whats your favorite memory together as friends?

"We Ride Motorcycles so Bike Week Bike-tober Fest up in Daytona, We're Bikers We're Gay."

Do you guys have a particular routine you guys do every week?

"We like to go to dinner on wednesdays nights." Any Particular Place? "No we change it up, but it has to be a place with a server otherwise he won't go." (pointing to man on left) So no McDonalds or anything like that? "Oh God No, He is way to high maintenance for that. Me I'm cheap and easy I'll do whatever, but him no, he has to be served."

What was your Best Moment?

"Everyday! You have to make everyday your best."

If you could give a piece of advice to a large group of people what would you say?

"Be Kind to EVERYONE! Don't pick on anyone, be good to everyone. I was always taught that way, unless they are going to stab me in the back or something."


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