Commission Will Place Water Quality on Next Agenda

After months of criticizing the city commission about the city’s water quality, Boyd Corbin, who recently announced he is running for mayor, got the response he was looking for.

At the April 10 commission meeting, Mayor Gary Resnick told Corbin the issue of water quality would be on the April 24 commission agenda. “It only took four speeches. Thank you very much,” responded Corbin.

Corbin, who has accused city officials of lying about water quality, has repeatedly called upon the city commission to test the water it gets from Fort Lauderdale’s Fiveash Regional Water Treatment Plant.

“Residents of the city want to know the truth about our water so we can do something about it, like buying the right water filter systems. The city commission is putting residents in harm's way by lying to us about our water, saying it tested fine. You know better,” Corbin told commissioners at a previous meeting. “We have five times more Chloroform than the EPA allows. We have nearly double the allowable maximum contaminant level for Dichloroacetic Acid and two other contaminants that surpassed the EPA MCLs include Dichloroacedic Acid and Trichloroacedic Acid.”

Corbin said he got those results through a test he paid for from a private company.

In an email from the Florida Department of Health, Corbin was informed that his water test was not acceptable because it did not have a valid chain of custody.

City Manager Leigh Ann Henderson said the water the city gets from Fort Lauderdale’s Fiveash Regional Water Treatment Plant is continually tested by Fort Lauderdale and certified by the Florida Department of Health. In its 2016 Water Quality Report posted on its website, the city claims all levels of chloramines, fluoride, arsenic, and other harmful chemicals and substances are within acceptable limits.

Corbin has also talked several times about the green color of his water. But, until the March 13 commission meeting, officials mostly refrained from responding.

“No one on this commission has ever heard that we have bad water. Ever. If I knew there was bad water in this city, I’m telling you right now, everyone on this commission would be screaming and yelling,” said Commissioner Scott Newton, who held up a glass of water.

Other residents have also complained about the color of their water.

“I am very concerned about the safety of my bathing and drinking water. The color of my tap water has been tinted green/brown for the last year and a half. My situation is certainly not unique. There are many other residents I have been communicating with in person and online that have the same problem with their water,” wrote resident Tom Marten in an email.

Vice Mayor Justin Flippen said there’s been “misinformation and blatant lies that are out there” and that the commission is here to ensure public health and safety. “We are here to address your issues, your concerns, particularly as they relate to public safety,” said Commissioner Julie Carson.

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