Commission Moves Forward on Changes to Sign Code

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Sign pollution was a big part of the conversation surrounding the proposed changes to the city’s signage regulations. Commissioners approved the changes at their Feb. 28 meeting but will have to vote on the issue again to make the changes official.

“This is only one part of a greater puzzle,” said Vice Mayor Justin Flippen. He added that some people describe some parts of the city’s code of ordinances as “archaic” and in need of updating.

The proposed regulations include the elimination of neon signs from the list of prohibited signs but only allows those lighted signs to be turned on during business hours. In 2016, Wilton Drive business owner Nick Berry said that neon signs are a necessity. Without them, owners would lose an effective advertising tool. “You won’t even see that it’s a bar. That it’s a restaurant,” he said.

The new regulations also limit the size of the signs, both lighted and non-lighted. The size of each illuminated sign is also limited to four square feet.

City staff also suggested that each business, depending on the square footage of the building they occupy, be allowed a maximum of four signs. One every 10 feet. Commissioner Julie Carson said she viewed four allowed signs as “maybe too much.” Her fellow commissioners agreed and set the limit at a maximum of three signs. 

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