City Still Hopes to Get ‘Site 92’ as Park Space

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“Site 92” isn’t a big piece of green space, but the city still wants it.

Located off of Wilton Drive next to Wilton Tower, the property is only 1.43 acres. But that’s enough, said Patrick Cann, Leisure Services Director, to improve the city’s park system.

“We think it’s feasible to keep the property to help with passive programming. It abuts the water and it ties into Richardson Park (located across the street). It provides a benefit to the community,” Caan said. He added that “Site 92” could help alleviate some of the parking problems at Richardson and could be used as an overflow parking lot.

The city wants to either own the property or utilize it through a partnership with Broward County, which owns the land.

But talks with Broward, which owns the park, haven’t progressed for months, said Caan and he doesn’t know why. There’s also the complication of working with the homeowner’s association that uses the land as an access point. “There are three different organizations we’d have to work with.”

Caan estimates that, if the city did take the land over, it would cost about $15,000 a year just for general maintenance, such as emptying garbage cans and landscaping. And if the city added amenities, that would increase the cost.

During the September Candidates Forum, former mayoral candidate Boyd Corbin said the land would be a fantastic place for a dog park.

Caan said it’s a possibility “Site 92” could become a dog park but that it’s very likely Colohatchee Park will remain where the dog park is located. He added that it would cost money to install fences and other dog park infrastructure. “I won’t say it couldn’t happen there. It could be an option,” Caan said.

The Gazette was unable to reach county officials for comment.

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