City Officials Will Try for One Zip Code

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When it comes to zip codes, less is more and one is best. That’s the opinion of at least some residents in Wilton Manors.

At the April 25 commission meeting, Sal Torre, president of the Westside Association of Wilton Manors, asked commissioners to help get the United States Post Office to combine the city’s four zip codes – 33305, 33306, 33311, 33334 – into one. Torre said his organization solicited the government for the change but was denied. He hopes the city can do better.

“There’s no sense of uniformity or sense of community,” said Torre about the multiple zip codes.

The commission agrees.

“I think we all agree. We’ll do what we can. It would be awesome if we had our own,” said Commissioner Scott Newton. Part of that includes talking to the members of Congress and the Florida House and Senate that represent Wilton Manors. “It wouldn’t hurt for us to be speaking to them,” said Commissioner Tom Green.

Vice Mayor Justin Flippen suggested the city draft a resolution.

The zip codes, which also represent portions of Fort Lauderdale and Oakland Park, can also be confusing because some neighbors who live on different sides of certain streets have different zip codes.

Green added that a difference in zip code makes “an incredible difference” in insurance rates.

When she was a candidate for commission in 2008, resident Celeste Ellich said she wanted the city to have one zip code because it was unfair for some residents to pay higher insurance premiums just because of a difference in their zip code.

According to, the average six-month cost for car insurance in the zip codes east of Andrews Avenue – 33305, 33306, 3334 – is between $1,633 and $1,683. West of Andrews Avenue – 33311 – the average cost for a six-month policy is $1,833.


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