The First Great Summer Adventure RVing

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This marks the start of the Great Summer Adventure. My husband John and I purchased a RV with the intention of using it as a summer home, leaving Florida during the hottest and most humid months. Today we begin. The big plan is for me, who has the time, to do the driving and for John to catch up via air.

I made the trek to Jensen Beach in Jake, the pickup truck, this afternoon to finish final preparations to hitch up and haul Heath, the RV, to Sawmill for the weekend and the first stop on a two month adventure. After spending the night I'll hitch up in the morning and make the 170 mile trip. John will drive separately and arrive tomorrow evening.

On I-95 this afternoon north of West Palm Beach there were two things of note, first a huge long hair dog in the bed of a Dodge 3500 dully, which zipped by me like I wasn’t moving, with his nose in the wind and hair blown back, forgive the driver the apparent safety issues, that pup was having a fine time. Secondly, a Ford diesel pickup roared by in the fast lane towing a boat about 35 feet long on a three axel, six tire trailer; as it went by I said aloud to no one 'damm he's burning some gas with that load at that speed' which was not the thing of note actually. Allow me to explain.

I have been smiled at, ok laughed at, often about my apparent fixation with tires, perhaps mildly bordering on a fetish. The trailer tire pressure has to be 65psi cold in all four before I tow. I stop periodically and thump them while feeling for excessive temperature. I have a low pressure warning system and getting the most smiles of late was my recent purchase of a second spare tire. Two spares are of value if one tire goes and I’m not immediately aware of it. The second tire will quickly overheat with the added weight and also likely blow out, hence my getting a second spare.

Some miles further along the highway I pass the big boat and trailer with all three right side tires blown. During the haul portions of this trip I plan to get up early and get the daily miles done by lunch to miss the heat of the day. That schedule should save a great deal of wear on the vehicles and get the tires off the road before the blacktop gets really hot.

My brother, who owns the RV Park where Heath lives, invited me to dinner which I most graciously accepted. He said a nice Italian place, which it was including the owner who was probably an inch over five feet tall and probably the same in circumference. Including the tall chef's hat he may have topped out at five and a half. Along with the chef's hat he was attired in a chef's jacket that had not seen the inside of a washing machine in a good long time; like he had recently finished working on his car out back under a shade tree. The outfit was completed with jean shorts. The food was excellent.

On the way back to drop me at Heath we passed a street festival that apparently happens each Thursday and the locals, my brother and family, were inured to it and had no interest in a walk through. I did and was dropped off. It turned out to be a lively scene including street merchants, live music and lots of beer. There is nothing in the way of gay in Jensen Beach and I made my way back to Heath walking along the Indian River at sunset with the causeway lit in the background.

My brother’s RV Park is bisected by the Florida East Coast railroad and the trains go by a few feet from Heath each hour all night; since I was up at 5AM after the latest express blew by I decided to head out. Initially I was concerned about disturbing other residents by making noise hitching up in the dark until I figured I can't possibly make as much noise as a train. Today was the first time I have hitched up in the dark, and thankfully it went easy. It is also the first time I have towed in the dark which went well, as well.

TomTom seemed very frustrated with me today. I simply refused to follow his directions no matter how much he wanted me to drive on the Turnpike. At one point TomTom had added a hundred miles to the trip, insisting I make a U turn and backtrack. Glad I have it silenced!

When towing there are four axels and the excessive toll rip off rate section from Ft Pierce to St Cloud is a double rip. I decided to see US Route 192 from I-95 to St Cloud as I have never been along that stretch. I-95 is under improvement for some miles but certainly in good enough shape for going along at a steady 55mph. US192 is a beautiful road, two lanes divided, well maintained, little travelled and the scenery is pretty in the bargain. It is certainly a good route to Orlando and I get to avoid the excessive toll rip off section of the Turnpike.

After a short night, and a pretty good day towing camp is all set at Sawmill waiting for John to arrive later this evening. Now that we are out of the red county and landed where the boys are, let the fun begin!

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