YouTube Star Comes Out in Moving Video

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Connor Franta

The handsome YouTube sensation Connor Franta made his own headlines this week after uploading a video called "Coming Out" where the 22-year-old Internet star revealed that he is gay.

"This may come as a shock to a lot of you and it may be confusing," Franta said in the beginning of the 6-and-a-half-minute video.

Franta also explains the struggles he had coming to terms with his sexuality, saying he even had trouble admitting to himself that he is gay and that he couldn't say "I'm gay" while looking at himself in the mirror.

"I was tired of running. I was tired of hiding," he said. "I just want to be me and not be afraid."

In the description of the video, Franta writes: "your support means the absolute world to me & i hope this doesn't change a thing. i love you guys & can't thank you enough for everything xx"

As USA Today reports, hashtags like "#weloveyouconnor" and "#proudofconner" have been trending on Twitter.

Franta joined YouTube four years ago and currently has 3,702,222 subscribers on his channel.

As of this writing, his "Coming Out" video, which was uploaded to YouTube on Dec. 8, has more than 3,200,000 views on YouTube. It also has 512,413 likes and 4,367 dislikes.

Despite the positive feedback on Twitter, the comments left on the actual video haven't been the most supportive.

"whos gonna be next now, god please dont make joe and caspar next just please," one commenter wrote of other YouTube personalities.

"Im not surprised honestly. He was a 10 on the gay scale. He's going to hell for being a homosexual... Unless he turns straight which I highly doubt," said.

"Hey Connor, alright, this is hard to write because either way it's gonna sound like I'm hating.... But I'm not," one YouTuber writes. "I am a Christian so that's an automatic red flag for me to say this is NOT right. I have loved your videos for a while now... (My fav by far is Miranda and you) I guess I don't know where I am trying to go with this other than it makes me kind of sad... But what I loved about you most is that you are so genuine. And to be honest I feel like all the popular Youtubers out there (that are men) are gay, at least that's kind of what I've observed. So that's what I loved about you. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I am just disappointed, that's all."

Nevertheless, Franta took to Twitter later on Dec. 8 to thank those who voiced their support.

"i am so blessed to have the support system that i do. friend, family, follower, the label doesn't matter. if you're there for me, i love you," he wrote. "on a lighter note, last night i was so anxious & nervous about today that i ate an entire pizza while listing to my adele record on repeat."

Watch the video below:

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