Watch: Twitter is Freaking Out Over this Homoerotic 'Riverdale' Clip

Mark Consuelos, left, and KJ Apa, right, in a scene from "Riverdale." (Source:Screenshot via Twitter /@CW_Riverdale)

(EDGE) Last week, the Twitter account for the popular CW show "Riverdale" showed a preview clip for next week's episode...and Twitter is losing it for the homoerotic sneak peek. 

In the 60-second clip, Hiram Lodge (played by Kelly Ripa's husband Mark Consuelos) faces off against Archie Andrews (K.J. Apa) a steam room of all places. 
"I heard you're trying to buy Riverdale, Mr. Loge," a shirtless Archie says to a shirtless Hiram. "My town. I can't let that happen."
"It's a good thing for everyone, you'll see," Hiram responds.
"I'm sick of you thinking you can control everyone, take over everything. You think you're unstoppable which is why I want to kick your ass," Archie says, challenging Hiram to a boxing match. "If I win, you walk away from Riverdale. If you win, the town is yours."
It's a tense moment with hard, wet bodies and crazy energy so it's no surprise the clip went viral on Twitter, earning over 6,400 likes.

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