RuPaul’s Drag Race is Back with Another All Star Season

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Find out what each of the eliminated contestants has to say about their latest turn on and off the runway.

Coco Montrese was the self-appointed “lip synch diva” of Season Five, and her feud with fellow contestant Alyssa Edwards threatened to outshine them both on the runway of “RuPaul’s Drag Race”. They both have gotten a shot at redemption and are part of the extremely talented group of ladies on the latest edition of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2”. Unfortunately, Coco’s dance moves during the talent show did not thrill the judges (who this season, are the top two contestants) and fellow Season Five gal Roxxxy Andrews sent Coco packing; or did she?…Coco sat down with me to chat about her latest turn to “sashay away”, who she was surprised not to see joining them in the workroom, and what she has been up to since hitting the runway in Season Five. 


What made you want to come back for “All Stars 2”? 

Why wouldn’t you want to come back? I mean it’s RuPaul. When RuPaul calls, you come. I think you grow from your experiences, and while some may not have had a good experience the first time around, how do you make it a good one unless you give it a chance? You have to take that risk.


The girls on this season of “All Stars” are a very heavy hitter cast, with many of the ladies being Top Three for their particular season. Who were you surprised not to see when you entered the workroom? 

I was shocked not to see Courtney Act. I thought she would return for sure. I wanted to see Trixie Mattell, I love her, who doesn’t love her? 


The last season of “All Stars” was not as well received by some fans, as they felt that the team aspect and the shorter than usual season made it somewhat not as enjoyable. Did the twists on this season completely shock you? 

I think so. From an audience perspective I think so too. From a perspective of a contestant, it definitely made it a harder task for us. No one wants to be in that position. We are all established and we have all done different types of things, but we are all different types of entertainers. I mean, who wants to be the girl who says to another girl “I didn’t think you were good enough, so I am sending you home”. 


You are one of the most premiere and popular entertainers in Las Vegas, and your Janet performances are always legendary. What made you want to step outside the box and do the kind of slowed down performance you did during the Talent Show? 

I’ve been in the business for twenty-five years. The longevity I have in this business definitely does not come from being predictable. I love Madonna and those types of entertainers and they are always evolving. For example, she will do “Like a Virgin” in concert and it will be different every single time. You can’t predict what is going to happen and that is what keeps the longevity. Same thing with Miley Cyrus and girls like that coming up. Yet and still though, Madonna is still Madonna. The reason she has the longevity is because she takes the chances and is willing to reinvent herself. I figured I would take those chances and reinvent myself every time and not be predictable. That’s why. Sometimes you take those chances and they pay off. I mean sometimes you may hear Madonna do a version of “Like A Virgin” and think that it was a version that you could have done without. Kind of like my performance last night.


Now Coco, that dance was beautiful! 

Well thank you I do think it could have been a little stronger I mean, even in my Vegas show, Janet Jackson is my strongest character. Rihanna is not as strong a character when I do her. In that show, I do Janet, but I also do Rihanna. That’s my powerhouse, hit it home number in that show. I did that performance in “All Stars” because you definitely take risks like that when you have an opportunity like that. 


Was it as hard as it looked to be eliminated by Roxxxy Andrews, who is not just a close friend, but who also was your cast mate on your season? 

Oh definitely. I think it was even harder for her either. I think it was a very, very hard decision and I was glad not to be in those shoes. I said to myself that I was bummed leaving, but I was glad not to be in those shoes. She has the $10,000 tip for winning, but money isn’t everything. 


The twist at the end for a possible return for redemption was a complete shock to the audience. Were you as equally shocked? 

Oh, floored! It was very unexpected for me as well. I mean, it’s “All Stars” and we are told to expect the unexpected, but that twist took it over the top. 


Many viewers think that the judges were a little bit harsher this season. Do you think that their critiques were warranted? 

I tell people this all the time, I am a better entertainer than I am a makeup artist, and that’s the God’s honest truth. That being said, I didn’t think it was as bad as Michelle Visage said, but I thought maybe she saw something in me where I could be prettier or something. I didn’t take it too hard, but with Adore’s critiques I did. I went into “mother mode” and was protective of my younger sister


When people want to see Coco Montrese, where can they go? 

I am still in Vegas! Janet may be off having babies, but I’m out there doing her new material. I am traveling a lot, doing my Janet show. The new Janet seems to be so free, and fun, but I mean, who wouldn’t be happy with a billionaire husband! The music really takes me back to the “Rhythm Nation” days with it really having a message. I’m still doing the Vegas show, still traveling, and do my brunch show too!

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