SheSeek, a Grindr-Like App for Lesbians

The iPhone application SheSeek launched last month for LGBT women to find the hottest spots to congregate. Slowly picking up popularity with limited marketing, it’s the first location-based app for LGBT women with the potential to one day develop into a Grindr-like platform for a female audience.

For now, it’s more Yelp-esque, with recommendations of places to go given by and for lesbians. Described by the company’s website, SheSeek has queer women “instantly access the closest places to grab a drink, get a good bite to eat or find community events in your city.”

The app reaches 27 markets across the U.S. from New York, Los Angeles, Charlotte, and New Jersey with popular locations for females in local bars, restaurants, and main events.

With queer women finding it increasingly hard to find LGBT things to do in a new city, the app allows the experience to be user-friendly.

“I remembered that when I came out 12 years ago, it was difficult to find out where to go unless you knew someone in the community, and it seemed a little silly that with the Internet and social media it isn't easier,” said CEO Esther Zinn in an Autostraddle interview. “I thought it would be so much easier, with the technology we have now, to just turn on your phone, touch an app and figure out where to go, rather than googling things for hours or having to ask people.”

With its “Dine, Sip or Frolic” feature, users are able to filter events and venues to their specific taste with a map based on their physical location.

SheSeek also incorporates a star system in which female users know if a venue is gay on some nights or is a regular gay bar every night. According to their site, “Gold star means it’s ladies night, every night!”

Like YELP, SheSeek cuts off searching time on Google. In this modern digital age, consumers want answers now. According to a study from xAd and Telmetrics, there is a conversion rate of almost 90 percent for people searching for restaurants on mobile platforms. 64 percent of smartphone restaurant searchers convert within an hour of their search inquiry as they have the most urgent needs, according to the Mobile Path-to-Purchase study.

The app also includes a news outlet featuring daily LGBT news and pop culture.

The app quickly attracted 4,000 likes on Facebook with an interest for an international brand across Europe and an app for the Android phone.

“We got a ton of requests for an Android version, and although it is more difficult to develop for Android than for iPhone, we are sure that we are going to do it,” said Zinn. “Android is the most popular platform in Europe, so we can serve the international market as we go forward.”

If the market proves successful, SheSeek may venture into the dating territory, a la Grindr.

“I know people have been asking for a very long time for a lesbian Grindr. Depending on how many people download this version of SheSeek, I am absolutely willing to consider developing something similar: a location-based feature that provides a way to ‘find and meet new friends,’” Zinn told AutoStraddle. “What other people define as ‘friends’ will be up to them.”

Visit the website to learn more here.

Download the app here.

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