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Gay Ad Network Connecting Our Community

Many start-up publications have a difficult time reaching potential advertisers on a national level as a result of minimal budgets and limited distribution. However, Mark Elderkin has a solution. He is the founder and president of Gay Ad Network, the category leader in gay media networking.


“Recently, we have become the first gay media property to surpass 2 million unique users in the United States as measured by comScore Media Metrix,” states Elderkin.

The data from comScore Media Metrix reported that in May 2010, Gay Ad Network reached 2.17 million unique users, which is greater than the cumulative audience reported for MTV's Logo sites, Gay.com, Advocate.com, and Out.com combined.

Gay Ad Network receives over 6 million unique users per month across 290 popular LGBT web sites, blogs and social networks. “Over seventy new sites based around the world have joined this year, including Gay Europa, Dallas Voice, Gay Guide Network, Holidays Out! UK, Georgia Voice, Gay Socialites, GayCalgary, Best Gay Cities Las Vegas and Gays.com,” Elderkin tells SFGN.

Ranked as the largest U.S. gay media property, Gay Ad Network provides online, mobile and video advertising services to global and national brands targeting the LGBT market and is an NGLCC Certified Business Enterprise.

“Gay Ad Network is a collection of several hundred publishers that team together in a unique way to reach the LGBT market. Over 600 sites are registered to the network, although not all are active. 300 have received significant increases in traffic from being a part of the network,” Elderkin adds. The company handles all administrative aspects for its publishing partners including billing, collections and reporting.

Currently, Google, Logo and Here are the main competitors to the company, which claims they are first in the space. “We are unique to the market,” Elderkin proudly tells us.

The company, which began in 2007, is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, where Elderkin resides but maintains a sales team operating out of Los Angeles.

“We wanted to identify new market opportunities. It’s almost impossible for publishers to reach national advertisers and our company can provide them an ideal outlet. The only way small publications can succeed is to team up against the majors.”

Gay Ad Network combines the largest targeted gay reach with quality content from a diverse group of online publishers. Content channels include news, style, travel, business, health and fitness, pop culture, entertainment, young adult, community and family.

The company offers the convenience of an ad network combined with the benefits of direct site buying on quality gay-oriented web sites. In addition, Elderkin is capable of building campaigns that span both large and small web sites and reach more of the gay market than an individual publisher is able to.

Elderkin states joining Gay Ad Network offers three primary benefits to publishers: efficiency through campaign optimization by removing under-performing sites; the ability to target campaigns by site content and audience; and the ability to syndicate rich media and customized marketing programs across numerous gay and lesbian web sites.

For more information, please visit Gayadnetwork.com.

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