Most Fortune 500 Companies Provide LGBT Protections, Report Says

Some of the largest companies in the world understand that adding LGBT workplace protections is not just about ethics, it’s actually better for them financially.

Civil rights organization Equality Forum is reporting that a record 477 of the Fortune 500 companies voluntarily include sexual orientation in their employment non-discrimination policies.

“In most of America, gays and lesbians can be fired solely because of their sexual orientation and without any misconduct or violation of corporate policy,” said Malcolm Lazin, executive director at Equality Forum.

The new number of companies with LGBT-friendly workplace policies has clearly improved over the years. In 2004, 323 of the Fortune 500 companies that provided sexual orientation workplace protection.

The LGBT group teamed up with professors from the University of Pennsylvania and Yale Law School to put together the report.

To find out which ones are the 477 companies that provide LGBT protections, you can review the report here.

Below you’ll find the 23 companies that do not provide sexual orientation protection:

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