Local Man Launches CrazyGayDeal.com; Partners With SFGN

With social buying websites like Groupon and Living Social exploding across the Internet Terrence Smalley recognized there wasn’t a local one serving the LGBT community. So he did what any entrepreneur would do -- he started one.

Last month he launched CrazyGayDeal.com, which he hopes will fill a local niche that wasn’t being served.

In order to reach the LGBT community quickly Smalley reached out to SFGN to advertise. Instead SFGN decided propose a partnership between the two companies.

“After one meeting both parties saw the synergy and realized that we could help each other, the advertisers, and the community with a joint venture,” Smalley said. “So a deal was put in place. Now CrazyGayDeal.com will work with the SFGN.com sales team to increase our advertiser contacts. And SFGN.com now has a coupon deal to offer its consumers that is unlike any other coupon site online to date.”

Smalley emphasizes though that this venture of his isn’t all about money. A portion of every deal bought will be donated to charity.

“With every company I have worked with, every client I have supported, any event I have managed, I always find a way to make it work to help support a charity,” he said. “Business can’t always be about money in your pocket, but how can I help someone else? People keep telling me to start worrying about myself instead of everyone else.  But that isn't who I am, I was raised to always be able to help someone and have always been involved with charity since I can remember. So while making a buck or two is okay, being able to help someone is what makes it all rewarding.”

SFGN publisher Norm Kent said he recognizes the value of social buying websites and that’s why he’s excited about working with both CrazyGayDeal.com and The DailyHookUp.com.

“These deal of the day websites are hot right now and we don’t want our readers to miss out,” Kent said. “Here at SFGN we’re always trying to find new ways to inform and benefit our readers. And one of the reasons we’ve decided to partner up with these particular companies is that they both donate a portion of their profits to charity.”

Visit SFGN.com and click on the CrazyGayDeal.com ad to find the latest deal of the day.




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