Hilarious Mock Twitter Feed Created for Woman Who Sits Next to Kim Davis

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As Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis continues to dominate the headlines over her continuing abuse of the appeals process and self-appointment as the arbiter of "God's Authority," social media has been having a great laugh at her expense.

And when you think of it, outside of the fact that she's wasting tax payers' money while denying lesbian and gays their constitutional right to marry whomever they choose, there isn't a lot not funny about Kim Davis (her hair, divorce record, those jumpers she insists on wearing, etc..).

But what of the soldiers in her bureaucratic army?

One Twitter user has created the mock account @NextToKimDavis that shares the thoughts of the bespectacled woman who silently sits at the counter while Davis claims she's representing "God's Authority."

Her profile reads: "I sit next to Kim Davis. This was supposed to be a chill job. Goddam it, Kim."

The account, which has been active for two days has already garnered 14.1K followers. She's even fielded questions from some of her fans!

Here are some of our favorite tweets.

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