Facebook’s Gay Co-Founder Chris Hughes and Mark Zuckerberg Split on Politics

Chris Hughes (Facebook)

Chris Hughes, Facebook’s co-founder and the current publisher of The New Republic, sounded off on Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement that he will be hosting a fundraiser for Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

“I, for one, have a lot of questions about Chris Christie, particularly because less than a year ago he vetoed a marriage equality bill in the New Jersey state legislature. Which for me personally, I got married to my husband last June, [it] was just really personally frustrating,” Hughes told ABC.

Facebook’s front man Zuckerberg will be holding a $3,800 per person fundraiser for Christie’s reelection campaign on Feb. 13 at his California home. Sarah Feinberg, a Facebook spokesperson, said the social media czar’s decision to back Christie is due in part to the governor’s “leadership on education reform and other issues.”

Hugues continued: “I mean, there are tens of thousands of couples in New Jersey that can’t share their love and be recognized under the law because of that decision. I’m not a single issue voter, and I think most people aren’t either, but for me personally, it would raise serious concerns about supporting someone like him.”

The current magazine owner is no stranger to politics himself. According to The Advocate, Hugues played a “pivotal” role in Obama's first campaign for president. In 2007, he left Facebook to work on the former Chicago senator’s online media campaign.

Now Hugues is bringing his progressive mindset to TNR. He recently interview President Obama, on different topics, including the GOP’s acceptance of gay rights.

“I suspect, for example, that already there are some Republicans who embrace the changing attitudes in the country as a whole around LGBT issues and same-sex marriage,” Obama told Hugues as one of the areas many Republicans will likely compromise in the next few years.

(Read the complete interview with President Obama here)

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