Doggie Daycare Debuts in the Manors

Wilton’s Manor Doggie Daycare will have their Grand Opening, tonight Aug 3, 2011 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. for large and small dogs alike at their location on North Dixie Highway. The doggie day care is spectacular with enormous space for your best friend to frolic and play with other dogs.  Josh and Alan the owners of this establishment believe in a cage free doggie day care.

They treat their guests just like they were at home with a nine hundred square foot play area, and a doggie pool in the rear. “Here, every dog has its day,” as Josh and Alan say. With so much room, they can handle 30 large dogs and about ten small dogs. Your four-legged friend might not want to leave. Josh and Alan have made their doggie day care with unique amenities, like organic doggie treats, and a big screen projector showing Animal Planet all day.

Wilton’s Manor Doggie Daycare is also an exclusive provider of John Paul Pet Products, which are all organic, healthy alternatives for your pet. Josh and Alan also have many unique leashes and collars imported from Africa. These brightly colored collars were hand made by an African tribe.

All the proceeds go back to Africa to help with poverty in Africa. For the patrons that just like to watch their pets play with other dogs Wilton’s Manor Doggie Daycare provides free Wi-Fi and beverages for all.

Call 754.223.4776 or visit for more information.

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