The Coupe Scoop: Now These Cars Ain’t for Everybody, Only the Sexy People

Wanna look butch? Get a truck. Wanna be seen? Get a convertible. But if you want to look sexy, get yourself a coupe.

In an age when cars are expected to hold more people, carry more things, see better, go faster and do it all while sipping fuel, the good old-fashion two-door remains an innately self-indulgent and decidedly personal form of transportation. Unlike more staid sedans, coupes are sleek, low-slung, and have fewer unsightly cutlines on their bodies. Coupes also tend to be more expensive and less accommodating in back, which of course, make them that much more desirable.

That said, coupes have become something of an endangered species, with more and more people, single or married, finding their way into four-doors or crossing over to crossovers.

So I’m happy to see that, this year, two-doors are making a bit of a comeback, with several all-new or redesigned models being introduced this year. We’ve assembled a group of five all-new two-doors that you’ll want to know about. If you’re sexy, that is.

2015 Lexus RC
Base Price*: $40K

The compact Lexus IS sport sedan is really, really fun. While it’s a touch overstyled, it has solid bones and is an absolutely brilliant performance car, one that would be even better as a coupe. Well, behold said coupe version: the 2015 Lexus RC. It has a different name, sure, but it is essentially the same as the sedan, with pretty much an identical interior, only with two fewer doors. The RC’s styling is even more, um, expressive, than the sedan, but coupes are all about style, so why not? It brings a sense of occasion without brutalizing your eyeballs the way some musclecars do.

If the frisky IS is anything to go by, the RC will be sweet to drive — perfect steering, revvy six-cylinder engines, and sparkling handling — fulfilling every promise that its rowdy styling makes. If that’s not enough, a hopped-up RC-F will be introduced later with even crazier styling and ridiculous amounts of horsepower. Pricing for the RC will start around 40 large when it arrives later this year.

2014 BMW 2-Series
Base Price: $33,025

BMW has not one, but two all-new coupes coming out for 2014: the 4-Series and the 2-Series. I have chosen to highlight the 2-Series, and for three valid reasons: 1) it is an all-new model, with no four-door counterpart (the larger 4-Series is essentially a 3-Series coupe), and 2) it is cheaper, and 3) it’s better looking.

As with the 4-Series, BMW has never offered a 2-Series, though it effectively replaces the 1-Series coupe that’s been sold here in previous years. Smaller than the 4-Series but blessed with much of what makes the 3- and 4-Series so great—rear-wheel-drive handling, zesty turbocharged four- and six-cylinder engines, and fabulous transmissions—the 2-Series is scrappy and a bit of a badass compared to the debonair 4-Series. The rear seat is pretty small, but then, if you want a big back seat, BMW makes plenty of nice four-doors you can check out.

Initially, it will be available in 240-hp 228i and 320-hp M235i forms, with prices starting at $33,025 and $44,025, respectively, with prices rising considerably once options are added. But being a BMW, even the base model will drive well and look great doing so.

2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe
Base Price: $40,000 (est)

Standing in stark contrast to the overwrought Lexus RC is the slick, tasteful ATS coupe. Designed to go head-to-head with the new BMW 4-Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class coupe, the upcoming ATS coupe embodies Cadillac luxury with elegance at its very best. With uncluttered lines and conventional proportions, the ATS could be considered almost too understated, at risk of getting out-blinged in the showroom next to the dressy new CTS sedan and the chrome-drenched Escalade. The ATS Coupe is also the first production Cadillac we’ve seen with its new logo design, which does away with the kitschy laurel wreath that used to partially circumscribe its logo, leaving only the geometric crest to adorn the brand’s big, egg-crate grilles.

In any case, I believe it will more than flatter its owner, and more than coddle him or her inside its contemporarily styled interior. The cabin features a boatload of technology, ranging from a slick, app-based infotainment, OnStar services, and even 4G wireless hotspot connectivity. It’ll also be quick, with a choice of a 272-hp turbocharged four-cylinder or a 321-hp V-6 under the straked hood. Make mine black.

2015 Ford Mustang
Base Price: $25,000 (est)

The Mustang is as close to an automotive deity as exists in this world. And it’s not every year that an all-new one arrives, and so this car’s arrival is big, big news. This generation also marks the return of a true fastback look to the coupe, meaning the roof falls back to the ducktail tush in a straight line. And it looks absolutely terrific. Also new is the low, brooding nose (still shark-like, gratefully) and beveled, three-dimensional tail lamps, which remain sequential when actuated. A new interior also brings Ford’s most famous horse into the new millennium in terms of technology and comfort, but retails some of the prior model’s 60’s-era kitsch.

A turbo four-cylinder engine has been added to the lineup (gasp!), but don’t worry, with 305 hp, it’s a powerful one and should get good fuel economy; a 300-hp V-6 and a roaring 420-hp V-8 are also available. We’d go for the V-8, naturally. I mean, with a car like this, it’s all about brawn. So bring it.

The only downside is that the Mustang is oh-so-common in the rental car fleets, although mostly in convertible form, so if you get the hardtop, you’re golden.

2015 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe
Base Price: $120,000 (est.)

And then there’s this. Shown here in concept form, the first-ever Mercedes-Benz S-Class coupe will be one of the most decadent and elegant grand touring coupes in history, combining all of the technological brilliance of the S-Class sedan, which was redesigned for 2014, with prodigious powertrains and lip-smacking styling. (The S-Class coupe is actually the replacement for last year’s big CL, but by switching to the S-Class name makes it easier for everyone.)

The production version won’t look much different than this, thankfully. It proudly brandishes longstanding Benz coupe cues such as a low, wide grille, big three-pointed star emblem, and pillarless windows. The interior will feature the very best stuff Mercedes can think up, much of it hand-assembled with laser-like precision. Under the hood will be some seriously powerful engines, the least of which will produce about 455 hp and the most powerful of which could be a V-12 with 621 hp or more. Prices will start around $120K and rise up well over $200K. Start saving now.

Renowned automotive journalist and gay car geek Steve Siler has turned his life-long love of cars into an enthusiastic career traveling the world to report on new automobiles as they are introduced. Siler pioneered automotive writing for the LGBT community in the late 1990s and is a regular contributor to Car and Driver Magazine,, AOL Autos, Yahoo! Autos, and the New York Daily News. You can follow his musings @silerroad on Twitter.

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