Gay Car Geek: 2015 Ford F-150 Ecoboost

2015 Ford F-150

Can Ford Build a Hot Hauler? Truck yeah!

Gays and lesbians are a vastly divergent group, but we tend to agree on one thing: we love our full-size trucks. And not just because we need vehicles that project unbridled machismo, or compensate for a lack thereof. Seriously, whether you’re hauling junk out of your closet to Out of the Closet or pulling your boat to the lake, having a truck in the household just makes all sorts of things simpler.

And never has it been easier to live with a truck than it is now. Trucks can now be equipped with the kinds of spoils that rival most BMWs, but no BMW can take a load in the back—sorry, had to—like one of these bad boys. And the best of the breed—sorry again—it can be argued, is the all-new Ford F-150. Square-jawed and handsome, the new F-150 feels fresh and modern inside and out, and comes in more flavors than there are colors in the rainbow, from bare bones work truck to the country-kitsch King Ranch. And while prices can creep into the $50Ks for the nicest of them, don’t think you have to spend a fortune to get into one. We recently tested a simple, denim blue 2WD XLT model with cloth seats and navigation that rang up a tab of under $40K, and it was perfectly sweet.

And the F-150’s good looks are more than skin deep. Ford used aluminum for the body, which means it’s much lighter in weight, and handles and brakes far more responsively than before. Also, a turbo V-6 satisfies the previous requirement of V-8 power to get true truck work done when time comes to haul more than ass.

The only problem with owning a truck like this—besides keeping it fueled up, which isn’t always inexpensive—is the onslaught of fair-weather friends that suddenly pop up after they get kicked out of their boyfriend’s apartment for Grindr-ing in bed, or buy a couch at CB2. Then again, truck ownership is a good way to glean other sorts of favors from those same friends. Exactly what form those favors take is entirely up to you.

2015 Ford F-150
Base Price: from $26,995
Power: 3.5-liter V-6 (283–365 hp, 255–420 lb-ft of torque); 5.0-liter V-8 (385 hp, 387 lb-ft of torque)
Transmission: 6-speed automatic
Fuel Economy, city/hwy mpg (EPA est): varies

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