Gay Car Geek: 2014 BMW 328d xDrive Sports Wagon

Gays love BMWs. And I’m gay. And as a bit of a contrarian, I also love wagons.

So to me, there are few things better than a BMW wagon, just like the Melbourne red metallic 328d wagon I tested this week. OK, so I entered this test a bit biased, but seriously, why anyone would get a $50,000 SUV when this sexy machine is available is beyond me. First, from a practicality standpoint, few luxury vehicles can touch it. With incredible cargo flexibility, 40/20/40 split back seats, extra under-floor storage, flexible floor divider with retractable band, hooks, anchors, a power point and even a dog net. The interior is otherwise identical to the 3-Series, only better lit — thank you, panoramic sunroof.

With the optional “M” Sport package, the 328d is a sharp performance car too, with its aero body kit, bigger wheels, a perfectly shaped steering wheel and some of the world’s best seats. My tester also came with a taut adaptive suspension and variable steering, which is a touch too light for my taste, but extremely quick and precise. As for the diesel power train (with 43 MPG highway!), it’s every bit as well matched to BMW’s sporting proclivities as the 328i’s gas engine, with a delicious surge of torque and responsive 8-speed automatic. Oh yeah, and all-wheel-drive is standard (d’ya hear that, ski bunnies?).

Clearly, I love this car not just because it’s a wagon, but because it’s a brilliant performance machine. Oh yeah, and it’s wagon.

2014 BMW 328d xDrive Sports Wagon
Base Price (including destination): $43,875 ($49,275 as tested)
Power: 2.0 liter diesel fourcylinder (181 hp; 280 lbs/foot of torque)
Tranny: 8-speed automatic with manual shift paddles
Fuel economy: City/Hwy: 31/43 mpg

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