SFGN Special Issue: Olympic Coverage

Here is a linked guide to this week's coverage of the Olympics from SFGN:

LGBT Viewers Guide to the Olympics

Op-Ed: Putting Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws into Perspective

A Timeline of the Anti-Gay Events Leading up to Sochi

Gay Olympians: Past & Present

Figure Skaters Aren’t All Gay! But Here Are a Few That Are

Winter Olympics is Fraught With Drama, Controversy, Threats and More

GLAAD Shines Light on Plight of Russia’s GLBT Community

Fla Mayors Send Message to Putin: ‘End Discrimination’

UN Panel: Russia Should Annul Gay 'Propaganda' Law

USOC Sponsor AT&T Condemns Russia's Anti-Gay Law

“We Are All Athletes” Video: Many Backgrounds, One Team, One Country United

Russia Bans Popular Gay Dating App in Sochi During Olympics

IOC president: Heavy Security, Gay Rights Issue Won't Detract from Sochi Olympics

Danger in Sochi, and an Olympics on Edge

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