Former NFL Star Jeff Rohrer Comes Out As Gay

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(EDGE) After coming out as gay in The New York Times, former Dallas Cowboys linebacker Jeff Rohrer and his fiancé Joshua Ross spoke with CNN about his journey and the Sunday wedding ceremony. Speaking about the last 24 hours since coming out as gay, the athlete called the experience "amazing."

"There was so many people calling and reaching out and being so kind and supportive that I think it sets the record for most times I've cried in one day. It is amazing," he said on CNN's "New Day."
Ross added that he never thought he'd be marrying an NFL star.
"I didn't think I'd ever get married. When I met Jeff, I had no idea he played football. He kind of hid that from me," he said. "Then it was kind of like, so. And then I found out he had two children, so it was another gulp. But we're here where we are, and we're happy. We're excited."
CNN reporter John Berman asked Rohrer how the Dallas Cowboys would have handled him coming out as gay in the 80s when he played for the team. 
"Well, I wouldn't have been a Cowboy to begin with. You know, I was drafted in '82. And, you know, it was a different time back then. People were just different," he said. "And being gay was not part of any kind of narrative. Today with the millennials, everybody is extremely supportive. There are very, very few people that have come out against this, and we really appreciate that."
The athlete went on to say that he's received a lot of love over the last day and then talked about the lack of openly gay players in the NFL today. 
"You know, somebody has to break the ice. It's not the reason why we did it," he said. "We fell in love and wanted to get married. But this hopefully will, you know, open the door for other people to feel comfortable knowing that people are supportive."
Rohrer was also asked if he has any regrets about not coming out sooner in life. The football star said he "wouldn't change one thing for a couple of reasons."
"One, because I wouldn't be sitting here with Joshua. And two is I love my ex-wife. I love my kids. We're one big, happy family still," he explained. "There is so much love in the house. Joshua is a big part of that I wouldn't change a thing. And had I come out and done it differently, you know, things would be different. 
"And that's okay, too. But my story is one that happened to me later in life. There is plenty of people like Joshua that, you know, came out young in life, and that's great for them," Rohrer went on to say. "But for me, it was a different story. And because of my family and my life, I have been so fortunate with the people that I met and have been around that I wouldn't change a thing."
After marrying Ross Sunday, Rohrer will be the first current or former NFL player to be in a same-sex marriage.

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