British Rugby Team Bans Homophobic Fan

This British rugby team won’t put up with homophobic fans.

The Batley Bulldogs — which has the world’s first openly gay professional rugby player, Keegan Hirst — publicly shamed and banned one of their fans from their games for attacking Hirst and his homosexuality on social media.

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“It has come to the Club’s attention that Jordan Coyle, through Social Media, has been using Homophobic Abuse against our players, in particular Keegan Hirst and one of our supporters Anthony Cotton and this is upsetting to everybody at the Club and unacceptable,” The team released publicly on their website, mentioning the homophobic fan by name and posting his photo.

Also in the open letter, the team states they do not want any type of abuse in their stadium, adding that anyone who participates in such behavior will be asked not to attend.

“There is no place in our sport for homophobic abuse or indeed any abuse and we wish to send out a clear message that if you engage in such behavior we do not want you to attend our stadium.”

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