Aaron Hernandez Acknowledged He Was Gay Days Before Death

The late NFL star Aaron Hernandez acknowledged he was gay just days before he killed himself in his cell, it was reported over the weekend in the Boston Globe.

In a report in today's Daily Mail, Hernandez "told his lawyer that he blamed the sexual abuse he suffered as a child for 'making him gay'."

Hernandez seemed to think the sexual abuse had made him gay, his lawyer George Leontire said.

"Leontire also said Hernandez was sexually abused 'fairly intensely' as a child which had led to him developing an intense 'self-hatred,'" the Daily Mail reports.

He also was said to have found the courage to tell his mother about being gay and how he was sexually abused as a child. 

Hernandez was outed on a Boston talk radio show two days before he was found dead in his cell in April 2017.


This information came after the Globe reported that Hernandez's brother said that Aaron had been sexually abused as a child.

The Globe also reported that Hernandez had a sexual relationship with a team member Dennis SanSoucie while a high school football star in Bristol, Connecticut.

"Me and him were very much into trying to hide what we were doing," SanSoucie, who later joined the US Marines, told the Globe. "We didn't want people to know."

The Daily Mail also reported that Hernandez's former attorney Jose Baez, "writes in a new book, 'Unnecessary Roughness', that he informed Hernandez in the final days of his double murder trial that prosecutors were planning to question his fiancee Shayanna Jenkins about his affairs - one with a woman and one with another man.

"That is when Hernandez burst into tears wrote Baez, afraid of how Jenkins would react to the news of his secret relationship with a member of the same sex who also happened to be a mutual friend of the couple. 

"'But Jose, she'll be devastated. I never meant to hurt her. I know I keep disappointing her. But she is my soul,' Hernandez told Baez.

"'She is all I have and will ever have.'"

After Baez told Jenkins of this strategy, she said she was blindsided and felt betrayed, but stood by Hernandez.

"Hernandez's sexuality did not remain private for long however, and days after he was acquitted in the trial he was outed on The Kirk & Callahan Show," the Daily Mail reported.

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