UK 'Christian' Group Says Being Gay Didn't Help Tom Daley at Rio Games

Photo: Instagram.

(EDGE) It turns out that "Christian" anti-LGBT groups in England are just as vile as they are in America.

Although Great Britain finished second in overall medal wins at the Olympic Games in Rio this month, that figure wasn't enough for one anti-LGBT British "Christian" group, who blames openly gay diver Tom Daley's openness about his sexuality for his failure to qualify for the 10 meter finals.

Taking to Twitter on Saturday, anti-LGBT group Christian Voice wrote: "Turning gay doesn't seem to have done Tom Daley any favours at #Rio2016"

And as though that wasn't enough, the group followed it up with "#Rio2016? And we need to remember that Tom Daley only went gay because he was seduced by an older man."

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None of this was missed by "Harry Potter" author JK Rowling, who took to Twitter to write: "Can't decide which is more offensive in this tweet, the stupidity or the spite."

Christian Voice has long been critical of Daley and his boyfriend Dustin Lance Black since the pair went public with their relationship.

In a piece published by the anti-LGBT group in 2013, they blame Black for "filling the void left by Daley's late father" who died when he was a teen.

"If Daley is having a sort of adolescent crush compensating for his dreadful loss, Dustin Black probably cannot believe his luck," wrote Christian Voice's Stephen Green. "He has been able to initiate a teenage boy into sexual activities he probably would not even have known about this time last year."

Christian Voice describes their organization as "a UK-based prayer and lobby group praying for national repentance and working for godly government."