OpEd: You owe Donald Trump nothing.

the trump protest that took place in front of Wilton manors city hall this weekend on saturday, nov. 19. Credit: Youtube.

He bullied, lied, and cheated his way to the presidency with a smear campaign based on ugliness and untruths.

He disgraced his opponents, demeaned the electoral process, and tore down the fabric of our democracy, in order to lease a seat he will be lucky to hold for four years.

He appealed to racists, bigots, and haters, then embraced them wholeheartedly when they cheered his candidacy.

He attacked the media ruthlessly and relentlessly, in an attempt to silence criticism and a free press.

Whether it was Hillary Clinton last month or the cast of Hamilton this week, he has shown a tyrannical tendency to viciously threaten and intimidate anyone who dares to stand up to him.

Trump, a man who refuses to apologize for anything he does, is constantly demanding an apology from anyone who challenges him. Hell, no! Get used to it Mr. Trump. The first amendment was here long before you, and will be standing long after.

Therefore, I say this to our community today: you owe him and the Republican party nothing. The vast majority of those pricks are more interested in power then principle. And remember this – Clinton’s lead in the popular vote continues to grow. As of press time she’s leading him by 1.7 million votes. Donald Trump has no mandate.

For years, the 'party of Lincoln' sabotaged Obama's presidency, its leaders tolerating and emboldening racist rhetoric while undermining him every way they could, most recently not even giving his Supreme Court nominee a hearing. You owe them nothing.

As we stand here today, you owe a duty only to yourselves. Once again, we are called upon to stand up and be counted. Once again, we find out liberty, our liberty, is more a continuing struggle than a resting place for the laurels of past victories.

Our nation has elected an unprincipled and weak-skinned sexist, who was OK with himself getting married three times but opposes you getting married once. I don't have to wait around to next January to see his stance on LGBT values when his choice for Vice President last summer was arguably the most virulent anti gay governor in the nation.

So yes, I am OK with protests in the street today. I don't have to wait until I am run over tomorrow. I have seen Chief Orange Hair's list of potential Supreme Court nominees. He wants to scalp you. 

So, no, I don't have to wait to give him a chance when two of his top cabinet selections are already white men with sordid pasts on ethnic and LGBT issues.

Look, elections have consequences. Trump won, and he gets to hand pick the people, policies, and philosophies he wants in place.  He has that right. But so do you, as citizens in a free country, have the corresponding right to passionately protest, and voice your opposition to those choices Sure, it would be nicer to lie on the beach and know Obama was in the White House. But that's not happening.

It's Thanksgiving, and I am grateful to be an American citizen, having been given an opportunity to spend a lifetime in a free country as an advocate for personal liberty and individual rights.

In my lifetime, I have seen our nation, the melting pot that is America, embrace diversity and expand the rights of so many. I am not about to remain silent while a charlatan and cheat occupies the Oval Office. Nor should you.

Our community, regardless of who was in power, has met challenges before. It falls upon us to do so again. Maybe it's a good thing because we have become complacent with too much comfort. Now we are again challenged. Thank goodness we decriminalized pot.  We are going to need it.

Happy Thanksgiving. Rest up, you have work to do when the year begins.

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