OpEd: Milo the Mean Hoisted on His Own Petard

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Controversial. Caustic. Conservative. 

Milo Yiannopoulos has certainly made a name for himself this past year, hasn’t he?

The 32-year-old Brit, a Breitbart tech editor, has gone from an unheralded online columnist to a senior editor and national newsmaker, drawing the wrath of the liberal LGBT community at every turn.

This is a guy who looked liked a nerd a year or two ago, and is now a gay fashionista with styled hair, designer clothes, and a custom made glossy black 45-foot bus crisscrossing the country under the moniker of ‘The Dangerous Faggot Tour.’

This ‘conservative’ voice would be a hundred years ahead of his time, if his time were 1717. It’s not. This is 2017.

This is a guy who is going around saying women’s liberation was a mistake. 

This is a guy who launched an unforgivable and arguably racist personal campaign of prolonged abuse against Leslie Jones, an actress who starred in a stupid movie, Ghostbusters. 

This is a guy who is arguing that violence is the norm amongst Muslims, and not the aberration, for all of Islam.

This is a guy who mocks the transgender population and the individual trauma of transition. 

This is a guy who mocks the LGBT establishment for its political correctness.

This is a guy who wants to give ‘privilege grants’ to white people in order to mock minorities.

As he gains in notoriety, his market value increased. He was offered a quarter of a million dollars to write a book, which has been pre-selling marvelously on Amazon.

He is so gay offensive that the offensively gay Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) invited them to address their conference. He became a right-wing hero because he offended gay sensibilities, not because he championed them.

Milo’s message has stirred an Anti-Milo response, playing right into his hands. His appearance last year at FAU in Boca Raton led to a bomb threat and a cancellation.

Earlier this month, his proposed appearance at Berkley spurred riots from those who not just did not want him to speak, but also basically had heard enough of what he had to say.

He was given a slot on Bill Maher’s cable show ‘Real Time,’ and Maher was chastised for being too soft on him. Milo, for his part, says his only passion is ‘free speech for all.’ 

I don’t buy it. 

Milo’s is a gamer, and now he is trying to game you. He is making his crusade about personal fame.

Of course, liberals feel that Milo’s message is mean and hateful, and should be censured and condemned. Agreed, for sure. But should it be silenced and suppressed? I think not. Look, I would rather beat my opponent on the playing field then win the game by forfeit because he didn’t show. As for Milo, bring him on. I will debate anyone anywhere. Besides, he has a lot of time now, doesn’t he?

When you play with fire you get burnt. This week, Mr. Yiannopoulous was too cute by half. He has been hoisted on his own petard, by his own words, his own ‘free speech.’ Now the world community has taken measure of him, and we are rightfully repulsed.

Once again, the Internet became this decade’s Woodward and Bernstein, uncovering truths that people in power just don’t want to see. Milo’s meteoric minute of fame may be flaming out.

Apparently, a while back, Milo got into a discussion of sexuality about younger men and their older partners. He tried to make an insightful argument about trans-generational relationship, making the claim that they are common in the gay community. They are, to be sure, but Milo stumbled. His words and message were off mark. He talked about ‘boys’ and 13-year-olds. Forgive me, but he screwed up- bigly.

Milo tried to point out that pedophilia was unacceptable and more a disease than a sexual attraction. He failed, however, to draw the line on ‘age.’ Attempting to turn a serious discussion into a comical moment, he explained that he gives ‘good head today’ because as a 14-year-old boy, he learned from his priest.  As I said, he was too cute by half. 

The result was a mouthful of missteps by Milo. He came across as shocking, finding himself in the awkward position of defending older men being involved with ‘sexually mature’ 13-year-olds as perfectly normal. It may not be what he meant, but it was what he said.

Milo, the poor boy, has spent the last few days on his Facebook account trying to undo the damage to no avail. CPAC withdrew his speaking appearance at their convention. Publishers summarily withdrew their book offer. Heck, Twitter had already thrown him off their site, and now he is out at Breitbart- and if you can’t be a right-winger there, then where a right-winger can you be?

Don’t cry for him, Argentina. He had his free speech, gave his talk, people heard his case, and they threw up. What Milo probably wanted to say was that many single, older gay men can and do offer stability and security to young men struggling with their sexuality.  But he said boys, not young men. Today he is paying the price. 

As a skilled online tech editor, he as much as anyone should know that a lie on the Internet can be halfway around the world before the truth catches up with it, if it does at all. What does the Bible say- ‘he who sows the wind shall reap the whirlwind.’ 

Call this a moment then for sweet justice. The evil Milo has done to others he has now brought back upon himself. Few people are feeling too sorry for him as he rushes to resurrect past articles where he has condemned pedophilia on one hand, and exposed pedophiles on the other. It’s too little, too late.

Milo, your message never scared me. I too believe in free speech, and standing up to the status quo. Many of the people you mocked, readers of this paper, were also outcasts once. We made our voice heard; our presence felt. We bucked the tide and overcame those who would have silenced us. We fought for a more equal and fair society, yet you mocked us so. How dare you?

We did not create a first amendment for people who agree with us.  New voices, vitriolic or virtuous, are always welcome. But you have to be accountable. Today, Milo, you are being held so.

This is Pride Week, and Fort Lauderdale is turning over part of the beach for homosexuals to hold a festival. They used to arrest us for being on that beach. Thirty years ago, being open about being gay would get you electro shock therapy. Milo, we know challenges from AIDS to the Army. We were not just being ‘politically correct’. We were politically conscious. We helped make it so a guy like you could have a national forum.

Milo, most gay men and women older than you have borne arrows and misfortunes long before your nasty missives came along. Now you have landed on your ass, rightfully so. It is your comeuppance. Let’s see if you can do as we did and pick yourself up and start again. Maybe you can find a priest to help you. Maybe he will at least give you good head.

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