Welcome to our 2010 Pride issue, our 21st edition. SFGN is five months old today. At 56 pages, this is our largest issue, and the size speaks for itself.

The publication this week is a tribute to the support and faith of our advertisers who have been sponsoring us since Day 1. They are our business partners and your neighbors, individuals who help make SFGN happen each and every week. As they support us, so should you support them.

These businesses face challenging economic times, yet they have been willing to use their limited economic revenues to support a strong and vibrant gay community newspaper.

This leaves us gracious and humbled. The costs to do what we do are not cheap. That so many have joined us so quickly is testimony to the fact that this community sought and will support a credible LGBT newspaper.

Our goal is to give measure to our lives, and shed light on the good we do. A newspaper, however, cannot pick and select the news we report. As surely as we may celebrate the achievements of our own, so too must we censor and condemn conduct which diminishes us. It is therefore with regret that we note today the continuing myopic and moronic mindlessness of the board of the Fort Lauderdale Gay Men’s Chorus. A charitable group which receives county funding from the tourism board, they have nevertheless again followed an agenda which provides they may only publicize their concerts exclusively in another publication. Thus, instead of editorial copy and free ads in our paper, they have publicized their Spring concerts elsewhere.

As a result of this, the good deeds and fine music of many, instead of being disseminated freely, gets mismanaged by its Board of Directors. Just as we will call upon Broward County to cease and desist from funding them further because of their discriminatory business practices, so too do we call upon its Board to resign and turn the reigns of its organization to more sophisticated leaders who will not succumb to the false lure and economic blackmail other publications try to impose.

This week, on another page, we publicize the fact that Broward County has launched a training program for prospective HIV counselors. We would hope that press release also appears in other LGBT publications. We would not dare to limit or restrict its distribution. If the news is genuine and the cause is worthy, then we want the announcement spread so as to reach as many as possible. How dumb is it for a non profit choral group to limit their outreach to one publication? Well, very dumb. And it is sad that as we publish our largest and most voluminous issue this week of pride, the Fort Lauderdale Gay Men’s chorus is shamed, by neither sending us a press release of their latest concert nor allowing us to advertise it.

The people in charge of the ‘groovy concert’ they are hosting this week should take no pride in the stupidity they have generated. One of the songs they should sing is “What Kind of Fool Am I?”

SFGN never got a press release or a promotion to advertise this concert. We are doing it anyway and hope you enjoy it.

On June 25, 2010, the Fort Lauderdale Gay Men’s Chorus will present “Feelin’ Groovy”, a high energy concert with clips from over 70 songs of the era! The chorus will take you on a groovy musical trek through those turbulent times. Join us as we sing, dance and re-live the birth of an entire musical genre and the awakening of a nation. “Feelin’ Groovy” will take you back … and perhaps move us all forward once again!

Friday, June 25,2010 at 8:00 PM at the Parker Playhouse.

Purchase tickets by calling the chorus office: 954-832-0060.




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