Primary Election Guide 2018

UPDATE: For a list of endorsements in the midterm elections visit here.


On August 28 Florida residents will vote in their respective party’s primaries. Since there are too many races for SFGN to research and endorse across South Florida we are reprinting the major non-partisan LGBT groups’ endorsements – Equality Florida, Palm Beach County Human Rights Council and SAVE. SFGN does not “endorse” the endorsements, but we are publishing this as a community service. 

Palm Beach County Human Rights Council 

U.S. Senate 

Bill Nelson 

U.S. Congress

(Dist. 18) - Lauren Baer 

(Dist. 20) - Alcee Hastings 

(Dist 22) - Ted Deutch 


Andrew Gillum 

Attorney General

 Sean Shaw 

Chief Financial Officer 

Jeremy Ring 

Commissioner of Agriculture 

Nicole "Nikki" Fried 

Florida Senate 

(Dist. 30) - Bobby Powell 

Florida House of Representatives

(Dist. 81) - Tina Polsky 

(Dist. 82) - Edward O'Connor 

(Dist. 85) - Ellen Baker 

(Dist. 86) - Matt Willhite 

(Dist. 87) - David Silvers 

(Dist. 89) DEM PRIMARY- James Bonfiglio 

(Dist. 89) REP PRIMARY- Matt Spritz 

Circuit Court Judge

(Group 18) - Marybel Reinoso Coleman 

(Group 25) - Michael McAuliffe 

County Commissioner

 (Dist. 2) - Gregg Weiss 

 (Dist. 4) - Robert S. Weinroth 

Palm Beach County School Board

(Dist. 7) - Debra Robinson 

Palm Beach Soil & Water Conservation

 (Group 1) - Michelle Sylvester 

 (Group 5) - Eva Webb 

Port of Palm Beach Commissioner

(Group 5) - Scott Holtz 

Board of Supervisors of the Northern PBC Improvement District 

(Seat 2) - Jim Gibbs 

County Court Judge

 (Group 4) - Lloyd Comiter 

 (Group 5) - Jeremy Zubkoff 

Boca Raton Mayor 

Scott Singer 

Boca Raton City Council 

(Seat A) - Andy Thomson 

Equality Florida 

Florida Senate 

(Dist. 6) Audrey Gibson 

(Dist. 8) Kayser Enneking 

(Dist. 22)Bob Doyle 

(Dist. 30)Bobby Powell Jr. 

(Dist. 34)Gary M. Farmer Jr 

(Dist. 38)Jason Pizzo 

(Dist. 40)Annette Taddeo 

Florida House 

(Dist. 9) -Loranne Ausley 

 (Dist. 13) -Tracie Davis  

 (Dist. 15) -Tracye Polson  

 (Dist. 20) -Clovis Watson Jr  

 (Dist. 26) -Patrick Henry  

 (Dist. 43) -John Cortes  

 (Dist. 45) -Kamia Brown 

 (Dist. 46) -Bruce Hadley Antone  

 (Dist. 47) -Anna Eskamani  

 (Dist. 48) -Amy Mercado  

 (Dist. 49) -Carlos Guillermo Smith  

 (Dist. 63) -Fentrice Driskell  

 (Dist. 68) -Ben Diamond  

 (Dist. 69) -Jennifer Webb 

 (Dist. 70) -Wengay M. Newton Sr.  

 (Dist. 72) -Margaret Good  

 (Dist. 87) -David Silvers  

 (Dist. 88) -Al Jacquet 

 (Dist. 91) -Emily Slosberg  

 (Dist. 94) -Bobby Dubose  

 (Dist. 81) -Tina Polsky  

(Dist. 86) -Matt Willhite  

(Dist. 96) -Kristin D. Jacobs  

 (Dist. 97) -Jared E. Moskowitz  

 (Dist. 99) -Evan Boyd Jenne  

 (Dist. 100) -Joseph Scott Geller  

 (Dist. 101) -Shevrin Dion Jones  

 (Dist. 102) -Sharon Pritchett  

 (Dist. 104) -Richard Neil Stark  

 (Dist. 109) -Cedric McMinn 

 (Dist. 112) -Nicholas Xavier Duran  

(Dist. 114) -Javier Fernandez  

(Dist. 117) -Kionne L. McGhee  

 (Dist. 118) -Robert Asencio  

 (Dist. 120) -Holly Raschein 

Broward County

County Commission
(Group 6)Quentin “Beam” Furr 

School Board

(Group 1)Ann Murray 

(Group 6)Laurie Rich Levinson 

(Group 7)Nora Rupert 

(Group8)Donna Pilger Korn 

Wilton Manors Mayor 

Justin Flippen 

Wilton Manors City Commission
At-LargeScott Newton 


County Commission

(Group 8)Daniella Levine Cava 

Palm Beach County 

County Commission

(Group 2)Gregg Weiss 

(Group 4)Robert S. Weinroth 

(Group6)Melissa McKinlay 

School Board

(Group 7)Debra Lynne Robinson 


U.S. Congress

(Dist. 27)  – David Richardson  

(Dist. 38) – Jason Pizzo  

Florida House 

(Dist. 109) – Cedric McMinn  

Miami-Dade County 


Group 2 – Kristy Nunez  

Group 32 – Lizzet Martinez  

Group 33 – Olanike Adebayo  

Group 40 – Michael Barket  

Group 43 – Milena Abreu  

Broward County Judges 

Group 25 –  Robert Lee 

Group 10 – Robert Diaz  

Group 19 – Allison Gilman 

Group 17 – Rhoda Ann Sokoloff  

Group 9   – Corey Cawthon  

11th Circuit Court 

Group 25 – Yery Marrero  

Group 14 – Renee Gordon  

Group 8 – David Miller  

17th Circuit Court 

Group 36 – Shari Africk-Olefson 

Group 38 – Melissa Minsk Donoho 

Group 42 – Michael Usan 

Group 43 – Dan Casey  

Group 46 – Mariya Weekes  



Vote-by-mail refers to voting on a ballot received by mail or picked up by, or for, a voter. The deadline to ask for a ballot to be mailed is 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 22. A voter may pick up a vote-by-mail ballot from the office of their Supervisor of Elections through the day before the election or, if an emergency exists, on the day of the election. Vote-by-mail ballots must be received by the Supervisor of Elections’ office no later than 7:00 p.m. on Election Day in order to be canvassed and counted. 

*Early Voting* 

Early voting is defined as “casting a ballot in person prior to Election Day at a location designated by the Supervisor of Elections.” The voter uses the same type of voting equipment that is used at the polls on Election Day. All 67 Florida counties will be offering early voting from August 18 – August 25. In addition, each county Supervisor of Elections may at his or her own discretion, offer additional days of early voting. Contact your county Supervisor of Elections for more information. 

*Election Day Voting* 

On Election Day, polls will be open statewide from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. Any voters waiting in line at 7:00 p.m. will have the opportunity to cast a ballot. If you do not know where your polling place is, contact your county Supervisor of Elections. You can also find your precinct and polling place on your county Supervisor of Elections’ website or by using the Check Your Voter Status webpage ( 

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