Wisconsin Will Cover Transgender State Employees’ Transition Treatments

Wisconsin’s Group Insurance Board, which is in charge of the insurance program assigned to the state’s current and former public employees, has voted to cover its transgender employees’ hormone therapy and gender confirmation surgeries in a reversal of current policy.

The decision comes after multiple legal cases were brought against the state, including a lawsuit from two trans women who couldn’t get surgery coverage while employed at the University of Wisconsin (UW) on the basis of discrimination. The trans-related insurance restrictions have been in place since February 2017, despite the previous year’s unanimous Board vote to cover transgender treatments based on the Obama administration's 2016 ruling against gender identity discrimination. 

"This was an empowering moment, offering up hope things can get better," UW psychiatry student and teacher’s assistant Wren Logan, who has also fought the policy, said.

The change will be in effect Jan. 1, 2019. The time gap is to allow insurance companies to gather the funds needed, National Public Radio reported.

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