Westboro Baptist Church Protests NBA Playoffs After Gay Player Comes Out

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The Westboro Baptist Church kept its promise to picket outside Oklahoma City's Chesapeake Energy Arena, where the Houston Rockets faced off against the Thunder on May 1.

About seven members of the anti-gay Kansas church showed up with their inflammatory “God Hates Fags” signs before the game to protest NBA player Jason Collins’ announcement that he’s gay.

“Now has-been pervert Jason Collins has 'come out' admitting he's a proud fag,” WBC wrote in a release. “Lift up your voice against this awful sin; use the platform God gave you to warn your fellow man to flee destruction.”

According to News Channel 4, WBC church members were outnumbered by pro-gay activists demonstrating right across the street.

The church tweeted a number of its anti-gay, anti-NBC signs made specially to protest the playoffs. The signs included an image showing Collins, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and others with an upside down gay pride pink triangle.

The pink triangle, originally used in Nazi Germany to identify concentration camp prisoners sent there because they were homosexual was later re-purposed as a symbol of gay pride.


WBC has said it also plans to picket the Chicago Bulls vs. Brooklyn Nets game at Chicago's United Center on May 2 (tonight).

The Huffington Post questioned whether or not WBC members would actually show up to protest the games, as they've been known to break promises of protests. In 2012, they failed to picket Whitney Houston’s funeral despite previous vows. Sergio N. Candido

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