Watch: Twin Brothers Come Out as Gay to Their Mother in Emotional Video

Luc and Cooper Coyle. Photo via YouTube still.

(EDGE) Twin brothers Luc and Cooper Coyle both recently came out as gay to their mother and decided to share the special moment by recording it and posting it to YouTube.

The Coyle brothers, photographers and YouTubers currently living in New York City, shared the emotional vid called "Twins come out to mom & you won't believe her reaction" with their 35,000 subscribers. 

"We're not really hiding it, it's just that awkward elephant in the room, break the ice, how do you say it?" Luc says of he and his brother's sexuality. 

After breaking the news to their mom, she responds:

"As long as you're happy, and you know who you are, that makes daddy and I happy," she tells her sons. "We're happy if you're happy. We just want you to be happy. If this is who you are, then this is who you are. You're born that way. You're not different from anybody else. You're my babies, I love you. Daddy and I are always here for you, to support you, to be whoever you want to be."

The Coyle twins aren't the first brothers to come out as gay to their family. Back in 2015 Aaron and Austin Rhodes came out as gay to their father. Their video went viral and they brought their story to "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

Watch the Coyle brothers video below.