Watch: 96-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Explains Coming Out as Gay

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(EDGE) In a very moving video, gay YouTube star Davey Wavey speaks with a 96-year-old man who is a Holocaust survivor and came out as gay just last year. He's also the subject of an upcoming documentary called "On My Way Out."

In Wavey's 3-minute clip, Roman Blank explains how he lived his life as a closeted gay man, married a woman and had children. Blank decided to come out as gay and live as his true self just last year.

Wavey asks Blank, who is a great grandfather, why he decided to come out at 95.

"Some things I want the world to know," Blank says, later adding he knew he was gay since age 5.

Wavey asks Blank if he wants a boyfriend or companion now that he's out.

A shy but silly Blank whispers, "Yes!"

"I don't care [what he looks like]. I don't look at the face, I look at the heart," he says. Blank adds that he wants someone "to lean against. Somebody who feels the heart ticking and nobody can do that unless you love them."Blank says he "doesn't need physical or mental connections" but that he wants to "go to sleep and have someone close to me...not for any other reason but to be sure someone cares. That's all."

Blank turns the tables on Wavey, asking the YouTube if he thinks he has "the right to come out at this age."

"It's your life and I don't know all of your experiences but it seems to that it's never too late to be your true self," Wavey says. "If that happens when your 20 or 95...its never too late to be your true self. I'm proud of you."

"Thank you. I am proud," Blank adds.

Learn more about "On My Way Out" by clicking here. And read more about Blank's story here.

Watch the interview below.

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