Village Voice Fires Michael Musto, Others a Week After Editors Quit

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Just one week removed from the Village Voice’s Editor-in-Chief Will Bourne and Deputy Editor Jessica Lustig’s swift resignations after refusing to lay-off staff, Christine Brennan, executive editor of the Village Voice Media Group, has fired veteran writers Michael Musto, Robert Sietsema and Michael Feingold, according to Gawker.

Musto told Gawker that people have come out to offer him their love and opportunities.

“I'll update you on all my new beginnings,” Musto said. “My brand will be feistier than ever."

Gawker was also told that the paper's remaining staff is "devastated" and in "uproar."

According to a statement from Village Voice Media, the restructuring will allow the Voice to continue offering “superior content and products to its New York audience – specifically film, music, restaurant, and breaking news easily accessible across both print and digital platforms – while also ensuring the sustainability of the publication.”

In other news: The Village Voice is now hiring. Ryan Dixon