Transphobic Posters Debut in Gainesville

Craig Lowe, Gainesville Commissioner is reporting that the contentious issue of transgender rights in public restrooms won't go away in Gainesville, Fla. Or maybe we should say, Gaysville.

New transphobic posters related to an upcoming mayoral race have emerged recently on the city's streets, bringing the issue front and center for the third time in two years.

Fliers have circulated criticizing mayoral candidate and current City Commissioner Craig Lowe for his support of a 2008 ordinance extending rights to transgendered people.


The fliers depict the male restroom symbol holding hands with a smaller, child-like female restroom symbol.

The yellow and black handbills declare Lowe is "Responsible' for legally allowing MEN in WOMEN'S RESTROOMS!"

After the ordinance - which added transgendered people to the city's equal-protection law for gays and lesbians - was passed, a group called Citizens for Good Public Policy formed to get it repealed, mainly because they saw loopholes in the law that they felt would allow predators to legally enter women's restrooms.

But it wasn't clear who was behind the fliers that have been spread around town recently.

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